The flamboyance of The Football Industry


Football has been a major sport for hundreds of years. For fans, it’s more than running and chasing the ball, it’s a culture. If you have been in a major football game, you’ll understand the flamboyance of football. Heartbeats racing, anxious anticipation, and adrenaline flowing like crazy even for the people watching the bleachers. It’s because football has a major effect on us. We want to savour the victory. And whenever our team wins, we win with them.

More Beers are Sold After Each Game

Bars are riding the glory and flamboyance of football. They get more customers ordering glasses of beer. Some guys on elite dating would rather be with their brothers during these important times. According to a recent survey, a bar would get a 75% increase in sales after a football game. It’s because people are on holiday and cheery mood. Some are mending their broken heart after a loss and would order beers. It’s quite funny how football affects the economy too. Ordering a beer after a game somehow turned to a tradition. It is something to look forward to. It is the time when we can really get our minds off at work and just relax.

Kiss Cam

It’s been quite a tradition in a ball game to feature couples at break time. They’ll be asked to kiss in front of a crowd and be like stars for seconds. Even strangers who are sitting beside each other would have to kiss against their will. The kiss cam generates more kiss than the elitepartner spam mails. The kiss cam is part of the fun side of the football game. But after the break, everyone is back to business. Time to get serious everybody. We have a trophy to fight for.


The Fiery Players and Crowd

Being on the stadium provides a different experience. There is so much energy flowing in and out. When you are there physically, you cannot help it. You’ll get carried away. The parship app online status might give you chills. But during a live game, there are so many emotions going on. You are terrified, excited, happy, nervous, and prayerful. You’ll feel the tension of each players crippling down into your veins. You are just in the bleachers, but it is as if you are the one playing in the field because your heart is racing. If you haven’t witnessed a live game, it’s time that you do.

Gimmicks and Advertisement

A great number of people are gathering in one place. It’s a perfect time for business. Part of a major football game is the advertisements dating and gimmicks of companies. We know many of us hated advertisement, yet during a football game, they will play hilarious advertisements that are entertaining. The advertisement portion of the game is anticipated by the audience because you’ll have no idea what’s in it for you this time.