What Combilozen stands for?

Combilozen stands for the dancing crowd. While our favourite players fight in the field, we are fighting for them in the bleachers.

How to be a member?

It’s easy. You have to be a certified fan of NAC. You should love football more than any sports. And you can cheer at the top of your lungs during a football game. That’s it. Contact us and tell us more about you.

Do I have to pay for the team shirt?

No. That’s how generous we are. Kidding aside, we give out free customized t-shirts to new members of our club because we want us to be united. If you’re wondering how we get funds for the shirt, our group members do sponsor and donate to maintain the club’s finances.

You mention about freedom of speech, will that get me into trouble?

That’s why we screen joiners. We prefer members who have an open mind to other opinions. We can practice freedom of speech without hurting anyone. If you are the recipient of the message, you should respect others opinion and covey yours, too.

Do you have a location or office?

No. All of our meetups locations were selected randomly whichever location is convenient for everyone. We haven’t reached that level yet to have an office of our own. But who knows, it might happen soon.

Are there rules involved?

No. Most of our members are adult. They know what they are doing. They can decide to go to Nederlandse datingwebsite. If there will be any, it would be a harmonious relationship with one another.