About Us

Let’s Give a Louder Cheer

Combilozen is a fan club which formed during a game. We met each other by accident a few times until we finally get together and had a good time. There was a time that we felt so bad because our favourite team lost. We found comfort with one another. Alec, the founder, had an idea to make Combilozen an official fan club. It was the start of Combilozen. We still remember when our fan club was comprised of 15 members. It was much simpler back then. But we grew in numbers to the point that we have to assign group leaders just to manage a gathering. Being a member of Combilozen is so much fun. You’ll meet a lot of people who understand your fever for NAC. We are sure that this fan club will be your second love. All of our members are passionate about cheering their favourite team. When we gather during a game, for sure, it would be loud. Join our fan club, and let’s give a louder cheer to NAC. Go NAC. Go for the win.

Combilozen Fan Shirts

Whenever we do meetups, we wear matching outfits. Our shirts are customized, so you cannot just buy them anywhere. If you become an official member of Combilozen, you have earned your shirt. Wear it with confidence. Let the people know which is the best team in your heart. And oh, don’t forget to bring your banners during a game. That’s how passionate we are. If you are a passionate fan just like we are, join our club and let the fun begin.